Sunday, October 21, 2007

My Thoughts on a Good Course and a Good Teacher

To get a successful education, there must be some criteria for courses and teachers. Many views describe how courses and teachers can be good. In this post, I'll explain and define the good course and the good teacher from my point of view.

There are many factors must exist in any course to be beneficial. It should be interesting, related to the coeval life, it should support the objective of it and it must have a clear reference.

Teacher also must have specific characteristics to be successful. He must have a nice to attract students at least inside the class room, he should also go down to the level of students' minds and find new interesting methods to teach.

Finally, I'd like to Emphasize that each person has his own, different thought on this. However, it's very important to know many of these views.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

My Experience during Orientation

First of all, I didn't complete my orientation program yet because I have been accepted in the second semester. however, I've got a great experience. In this essay, I'll talk about this experience.

In this university, I've learned some new things and I've improved many others. for example, I've learned new study skills, I've learned how to swim and I've raised my fitness to a very high level. I've also improved my English language a lot by talking to native english speakers and the most important thing is that I've got a good background about the majors in this university.

To sum up, although I didn't spend much time here, I've got a great experience. I hope also to keep it up and get more experience.